Welcome to the Richwoods Fire Protection District's Citizens Information Page.  This portion of our website was primarily created for you - OUR CITIZENS - to obtain any additional information that you may find useful.  Here, we will make every effort to keep you up to date on all the future fire protection changes that will occur, as well as update you and your family members on all the latest fire safety tips that could help save the life of a loved one.  If there is any other information that you would like for this fire district to provide on this page, please feel free to contact us and relay your valuable input.  Our primary focus, quite simply, is to give you the very best fire protection service that your hard earned tax dollars can provide.

Contact Us

Richwoods Fire Protection District
10015 Turtle Rd
Richwoods Missouri 63071

(573) 678-2886  Fire House
(573) 438-1079  Non-Emergency 911 Center (Call in all controlled burns)
911                   Emergency 911 Center

Become A Firefighter or Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers for Firefighters, EMS Personnel, and Volunteers for fundraising.  Pick up an application anytime at the fire house or download and print it here. 

Firefighter Job Description

Senior Firefighter Application

Junior Firefighter Application

Need Community Service Hours

We offer a variety of things you can perform to complete your community service requirements.  Fore more information or to setup a date and time, email or call us.

 Upcoming Events in Richwoods

It is the goal of Richwoods Fire to provide you with all of the up coming  events happening in the Richwoods area.  If you don't see your event listed, email or call us with the info.


Monthly Board of Directors Meetings



Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Dates

Jan: Tuesday 3, 2017

Feb: Tuesday 7, 2017

Mar: Tuesday 1, 2017

Apr: Tuesday 4, 2017

May: Tuesday 2, 2017

June: Tuesday 6, 2017

July: Tuesday 4, 2017

Aug: Tuesday 8, 2017

Sept: Tuesday 5, 2017

Oct: Tuesday 10, 2017

Nov: Tuesday 7, 2017

Dec: Tuesday 12, 2017

Time: 1700hrs (5pm) – 2100hrs (9pm)

Location: Richwoods Firehouse, 10015 Turtle Rd

1. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum

2. Citizen’s Comment / Public Appearances

3. Approval of Minutes from the Previous Meetings:

4. Treasurer's Report and Presentation of Bills

5. Fire Chief's Report

6. Other

7. Announcements:

8. Adjournment







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