CURRENT NEWS                   Last Updated 1/1/2019

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Keep up to date on our many fundraisers.

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Richwoods Fire Protection District is Seeking Volunteer Firefighters
Click HERE for a job description.

Richwoods Fire District as gone GREEN.

Check out our recycling programs that not only helps our environment but also helps us raise and/or save money.

Check what we are doing on our Recycling Page

Richwoods Fire wants your waste oil

Richwoods Firehouse has switched from propane to a waste oil furnace.  By doing this we will save money each year by not having to pay for propane. By switching to a waste oil furnace we will save $60,000-$100,000 over the next ten years.

We are seeking new places to pick up used/waste oil for free.  Contact us at (573) 678-2886

Waste oil consists of Waste Oil (used crankcase oil up to 50 wt), #1 & #2 Fuel Oil, Hydraulic fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Synthetic oil (up to 25% blend).


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