Richwoods Fire Protection District is going GREEN.
This page has information on our recycling programs and practices.


Open Programs

Waste Oil
We use waste oil to heat our firehouse and are in constant need of used/waste oil.
What we can take - Waste Oil (used crankcase oil up to 50 wt), #1 & #2 Fuel Oil, Hydraulic fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Synthetic oil (up to 25% blend)
(We do not take Vegetable Oils, Brake Fluid, lubes, or Antifreeze)
Shoe's Pawn Shop located inside Maw & Paw's Store located at 17115 W Hwy 47 Richwoods, Mo 63071 will take your Vegetable oil.
By switching from propane to a waste oil furnace we will save $60,000 - $100,000 over the next ten years.
We can come and switch out barrels, or pump it out into our containers.

What we can take - We take all useable clothing of all sizes and seasons for men, women and children including hats, belts, shoes purses etc.
 Also small household items such as blankets, linens, towels, pots, pans, toys and worn/torn clothes that will get turned into rags
We get a donation for all items collected and assists us in purchasing needed equipment and tools.
We have Collection bins located at:
Richwoods Fire District (Firehouse) --------------------------Richwoods
Maw and Paw's Store --------------------------------------- Richwoods
Peacock Rd ---------------------------------------------------Blackwell
Hwy 30 & Hwy FF (Across from Wagner's Store)-------------- Lonedell
Pizza Hut -------------------------------------------------------- Desoto
Parkway Store -------------------------------------------------- St Clair
Mineral Point Market -------------------------------------- Mineral Point
Belgrade Market ----------------------------------------------- Belgrade
Ponderosa ------------------------------------------------------- Eureka
Parkland Wholesale Furniture ------------------------------- Leadington
Peers Store ------------------------------------------------- Marthasville
Foodland Wholesale -------------------------------------------- St Louis
Save-a-lot -------------------------------------------------- Bonne Terre

Use us to recycle all your products listed above.
Call us for more information on our Waste Oil, Paper, and Clothing Programs or to schedule a pick up.
(573) 678-2886
We will travel outside our district to pick up waste oil, paper, and clothing.


In House recycling

(We recycle all our soda cans and scrap aluminum used here at the firehouse.)
(We recycle all our paper waste created at the firehouse.)
Waste Oil
(We burn all of our waste oil that collected from apparatus maintenance.)
(We recycle all our scrap metals used at the firehouse.)
Used/Scrap Clothing
(We recycle all used/scrap clothing used at the firehouse)

Benefits of Richwoods Fire Protection District Recycling
By recycling we reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfills. Less trash means we can save $$$$on our trash pickup.

Paper, Clothing, and Metal Recycling Benefits
By recycling clothing, and metal products, we keep the products out of the landfills and we get money from the companies that we partner with. The money is used for purchasing equipment, tools, and funding trainings.

Used/Waste Oil Benefits
By collecting and burning used/waste oil we save money by not having to buy propane and also gives the community a place to take their oil instead of improperly disposing of it or dumping it in our landfills. We will save $60,000 - $100,000 over the next ten years. 

We spent approx $7000.00 on propane in 2010 to heat our firehouse and keep our apparatus from freezing, and the price of propane will only increase each year.
By switching from propane we now have a $0.00 cost for heating.

Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Benefits

We have also put in our own gasoline/diesel tanks.  This will allow 24 hours access to refuel our apparatus. 
Buy purchasing the fuel in this manner we get a discount per gallon of gasoline/diesel which decreases our yearly fuel costs.
We will also be able to refuel during disasters, severe weather, and during power outages.

Updated 9/27/2017

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