ISO Information   Our rating has been updated to an 8B

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has determined the following Public Protection Classifications for the Richwoods Fire Protection District:

  • ISO PPC rating of 8B,  if located within 5 road miles of one of our stations.
  • ISO  PPC rating of 10, if located beyond 5 road miles of one of our stations.


Richwoods Fire Protection District - Station Locations

House One - 10015 Turtle Rd, Richwoods Mo 63071
House Two - Coming Soon 16XXX Hwy A, Sullivan Mo 63080

24/7 Automatic Mutual Aid

Potosi FPD - House Four - 3574 (19076 N Hwy 21, Cadet Mo)
Desoto Rural FPD - House Three - 5834 (Ware Rd)
Desoto Rural FPD - House Five - 5854 (Perkins Rd)
Desoto Rural FPD - House Six - 5864 (10530 State Road WW, Dittmer Mo 63023)
St Clair FPD - House Two - 8324 (104 Lefler Ln, Lonedell Mo)
St Clair FPD - House Four - 8345 (3545 Hwy 47 South, Lonedell Mo)
Sullivan FPD - House One - 813 /893 (6 S Church St, Sullivan Mo 63080)

Water Source / Dry Hydrant Locations

Water Tower #1 RFPD House One (10015 Turtle Rd)
Latitude: 38.164926

Longitude: -90.818948

Dry Hydrant #1 (11015 Indian Creek Rd)
Latitude: 38.166308

Longitude: -90.848886

Dry Hydrant #2 (Bear Cove Rd)
Latitude: 38.155844

Longitude: -90.801180

Dry Hydrant #3 (Bear Cove Rd)
Latitude: 38.156367

Longitude: -90.801254

 Dry Hydrant #4 (Lake Forest Farms)
Latitude: 38.170921

Longitude: -90.797448

How Ratings Are Determined

The ISO Public Protection Classification is used by the Insurance industry in determining insurance premiums for many properties within the community.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) surveys communities on a regular basis to gauge the ability of a local fire department to respond to fires. A Community's fire protection information is collected and analyzed by ISO using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. A classification of 1 to 10 is then assigned based upon the results of the survey. Class 1 is the best rating, and Class 10 is basically an indication of no fire protection.

A variety of factors are examined when ISO conducts their survey. They look at the community's water supply, dispatch (communications) center, and fire department. Each factor receives a rating, and those ratings are considered together to determine the final Public Protection Classification.

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